Before your surgery

One to two days prior to your scheduled surgery date, we will call you with instructions on what time to arrive. If your surgery is scheduled on a Monday or a Tuesday, you will receive a call the Thursday before. At this time, you will also receive instructions on what to do with your current medications. We will also give you a specific time as to when you should stop eating or drinking.

Eye Care Medications: Prescription eye drops will be sent to your preferred pharmacy for you. You must pick up these medications at your preferred pharmacy. Your surgical scheduler will provide written instruction for the use of these medications.

After your surgery

Eye Care Medications: Once you have returned home, utilize your drop chart that was given to you by your scheduler. This chart will tell you how to use all 3 of your drops and when to stop all 3 of your drops. It makes no difference which drop is used first. However, you should separate the first drop from the second drop by three minutes.

The First 24 Hours: You may note a mild ache on the day of your surgery, which can be relieved by taking Tylenol. Your eye may tear and feel “sandy” on the day of surgery, and your vision will be blurry. You will also be light sensitive from your pupil being dilated. Please utilize your post op kit solar eye shields that you purchased at the time of scheduling to help with the light sensitivity.

Typically, patients choose to rest the day of surgery. You should avoid rubbing or bumping the operative eye for 7 days post op. You may shower, bathe, and wash your hair at any time. However, do not allow soap or water to enter the operative eye for 7 days after your surgery. You may resume wearing eye make-up 7 days after your surgery. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery on the day of surgery and for 24 hours post op.

If you experience an aching pain or pressure that is not relieved by Tylenol, please call our office. There is always a Gailey Eye Clinic Physician on call for 24 hours a day for any problems or concerns.

Patient Forms
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