Important Information – Please Read Carefully!

Before Your Surgery

On the day before your scheduled surgery, we will call you with instructions on what time to arrive. If your surgery is scheduled on a Monday, you will receive a call the Friday before. At this time, you will also receive instructions on what to do with your current medications. We will give you a specific time as to when you should stop eating or drinking. Please do not eat or drink anything, including gum, mints or water after this specified time. Also, do not have any dairy or citrus products starting at midnight the night before your surgery. Bring a full list of current medications (over-the-counter and prescription) with your name, strength/dose and frequency to the surgery center. Please give the list to the surgery receptionist.

Eye Care Medications: You have received a prescription for eye drops. You must fill these prescriptions at your local pharmacy prior to your surgery. You will receive specific instruction on how to use your drops before leaving our surgery center.

After Your Surgery

Eye Drops: Once you have returned home, put one drop from each bottle into your surgery eye four times that day and continue each day until you are instructed to stop. It makes no difference which drop is used first. However, you should separate the first drop from the second by one minute or more. A full schedule with instructions will be provided for you in the clinic by your doctor.

The First 24 Hours: You should experience no pain. At most, you may note a mild ache on the day of your surgery, which can be relieved by taking Tylenol. Your eye may tear and feel “sandy” on the day of surgery, and your vision will be blurry. Your pupil may be dilated and halos, starbursts, and glare may be quite pronounced. This is normal and will diminish with time.

Typically, patients choose to rest the day of surgery. You should avoid rubbing or pushing on the eye or doing anything that could result in direct injury to the eye for two weeks. You may shower, bathe, and wash your hair at any time. Do not allow soap or water to enter your eye for 48 hours. Do not submerge in a pool for two weeks. You may resume wearing eye make-up after 48 hours. Do not drive or operate machinery on the day of surgery, and limit your consumption of alcohol to one drink. No dental work is recommended for at least two weeks following surgery.

If you experience an aching pain or pressure sensation that is not relieved by Tylenol, call us. After 5:00 pm, the answering service will contact the Gailey Eye clinic doctor on call for you.

Glasses After Surgery

If glasses are needed following cataract surgery, Medicare will reimburse a portion of the optical purchase. The benefit is for both the frame and the lenses. The amount of the reimbursement will be based upon whether or not you have met your annual deductible. If your post-operative care is being provided by a Gailey Eye Clinic physician, we will file the claim with Medicare as a courtesy, and you should expect to receive reimbursement directly from Medicare in approximately 45-60 days from the date your glasses are received.

Patient Forms
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