Every year, we help thousands of people enjoy bright, clear vision.  Read on to see what a few our patients have to say about their eye care and vision correction experience at Gailey Eye Clinic.

LASIK Patients

It was a very comfortable and friendly experience. I was nervous about possible pain afterwords, but I followed the after care procedure they gave me and had no issues!

Kenny J.

This has been an awesome experience! Living out in the country and being able to wake up and see it all is amazing. My husband was amazed listening to patients who already had it done waiting for their spouses. Not worrying about contacts or losing them is awesome. I am very glad I had it done.

Carol O.
- Housewife

I felt at ease during the entire process-the preliminary exams and testing, surgery and post-operative. It is an awesome feeling that after wearing glasses or contacts since age 6 and now age 42, I am able to go without any corrective lenses. I enjoyed the process and actually feel younger as a result!

Doug G.
- Operations Manager

To me it’s like a small miracle to see without the aid of glasses or contact. So don’t be scared, it is well worth it.

Jeremy H.
- Line Clearance Trimmer

Why did I wait so long? This was the best thing I have ever done!

Kim C.
- HMO Coordinator

Premium Vision Patients

Needing to have cataract removed Dr. Barba suggested the Premium Vision Lens procedure. Having decided to have this procedure done, was a most rewarding experience. There was no pain in either eye after the surgery. Having worn glasses for 51 years it is a real joy to be without them.

Ron S.
- Retired

I have only positive comments to make about my experience with Gailey Eye Clinic. I had Premium Vision Lenses implanted after Cataract surgery, and I am now able to read without glasses, which meant so much to me, as I am an avid reader. I would do it again without hesitation.

Betty L.
- Retired

Thanks to Dr. Aprahamian and Premium Vision Lenses after Cataract surgery I am able to pass my drivers vision test with ease. I’ve driven to Norfolk, VA and back without any problem, thanks to this surgery.

Vernon B.
- Retired, I'm 84

I’ve been very happy with my recent surgery on my eyes. Since having this procedure I’ve been able to read the newspapers without glasses which has been very pleasing. The lights seem to be much brighter, colors more vivid and great improvement in my night vision.

Charles M.
- Farmer

I feel a great deal of freedom with these new Premium Vision Lenses and would want anyone facing cataract surgery to consider having them implanted instead of the regular lenses.

David M.
- Realtor

I am very happy with the Lifesyle Lens Cataract procedure. Dr. Barba has done an excellent job and now no more glasses for me. He is very patient. Thank you for my new look and good vision.

Lois B.
- Retired

Dr. Harman and staff made me comfortable during the whole procedure. I should have done it earlier. Cataract surgery with Premium Vision Lenses is the way to go.

Malinda H.
- Administrator

Everyday I am so amazed how clear the world appears to me. Now the colors are vibrant and my vision is clear.

Lynne B.
- Teacher
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