Stylish Sun Protection for Your Eyes

Are you ready for all the fun in the sun this summer?  Make sure you protect your eyes in style!  The sunglasses you choose will not only affect the way you look, they will actually impact the way you see!!  Here are some cool options to consider as you purchase new sunglasses this season.

Mirrored Lenses:  Mirrored lenses are back and better than ever.  Besides looking totally cool, these lenses help protect your eyes by reflecting excess light away.  If you’re looking to make a bold statement, try reflective lenses in a bold color like gold or emerald blue!

Colored Lenses:  The beauty of colored lenses is that they allow you to make a bold statement without compromising the ability to block dangerous ultraviolet rays.  Still, it’s important to consider that colored lenses do affect the way you see color.

Making the Gradients:  To really shake things up, consider purchasing gradient lenses!  Gradient lenses allow you to have a darker tint at the top and a lighter tint at the bottom.  This makes them ideal for driving, as sunglasses with gradient lenses protect the eye from sunlight coming in from above, while leaving the vision clear below to see the road and your dashboard.

Whether you’re on the golf course, on the boat, at the pool, or just sitting on the front porch this summer, it’s important to make sure you have the best UV protection for your eyes.  Come in to Gailey and let us help you choose the right lenses for your lifestyle.  We are pleased to carry Essilor Colors with Xperio UV polarized lenses to make you look and see your very best!

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